Our Workers

According to the family testimony, in the beginning, all the workers came to the farm by walking, after a while, they came riding a bicycle. Then, they came on motorcycles. Now, the owners don’t have enough parking spaces for all the cars that workers own.

After 21 years of operation, the farm now provides jobs to 150 workers. 75% of whom are young Ecuadorian women from the countryside.

It is important for the family farm to increase their worker's self-esteem through empowering them and with a dignifying job that is part of a successful organization.

The growing process


Each one of the 18 greenhouses is built with solid and strong infrastructure. The rose-beds are nurtured for optimal growth, hydrated with mountain spring water and maintained with green-level organic products, controlled temperatures, and recycled fertilizer.

The rose farm preserves and cares for nature by using only green-level organic products, natural spring water and also 100% recycled fertilizer made from the waste of their own roses, leafs and the dung coming from the dairy farm.

Now, the farm breeds 22 varieties of roses, with both trendy and classical colors for every style and need.  Every year some varieties are plowed under and new varieties are planted in order to provide customers with the latest and most popular varieties.


When the rosebuds are ready, they are hand-cut by specially trained personnel. After the fresh cut, roses are instantly hydrated and cleansed with natural solutions to prevent infection. The next step is the classification, where the quality personnel accept only the most premium blooms by head size, color, stem length, and health.

The packaging process that follows is both delicate and strict, in which the roses are wrapped in micro-corrugated cartons and the foliage is covered with a cap to prevent dehydration and physical damage during transportation.

Each bunch is then identified with a barcoded label that identifies variety, size of stem, processing date, number of stems per bunch, and the personnel who packaged them.

Once packaged, the roses are moved to the cold room for temporary storage until the second day when they travel to Quito and then on to our customers via FedEx. During the entire travel process the roses are closely monitored in cold chambers.  This deliver system offers the customer a true farmer-to-florist relationship.

ECUADOR DIRECT ROSES with High Quality Roses

Uniformity. Big blooms, perfect petals, long stems, and bright colors. These roses' vase life is well over 2.5, and even 3 weeks and significantly longer than those delivered through traditional distribution methods.  We nurture and distribute the world’s most fresh and beautiful roses so that florists can creatively arrange them into expressions of love and gratitude.