Ecuador Direct Roses’ farm: Sending love all over the world since 1997

Ecuador Direct Roses is a rose farm located at a countryside valley 40km north of Cuenca, Ecuador.  It is a family business that has been exporting roses throughout the world for 21 years.

The family has been in the exportation business since 1910.   Initially they exported panama hats and subsequently established a large dairy farm which still operates today. Twenty-one years ago, in 1997, two young entrepreneurial members of the family, began to study rose cultivation. They researched, inquired and visited rose farms in Ecuador, Colombia, and other latitudes.

A piece of land of 12 hectares from the 120 hectares family’s dairy farm were designated to grow flowers.  They started with one greenhouse and have now expanded to eighteen and sell approximately 600,000 stems monthly worldwide.

ECUADOR DIRECT ROSES is a part of the farm’s operation that sells roses directly to the North American florist. This effort started with the recent logistical ability of FedEx Corporation to deliver roses directly from Ecuador to the door of the florist using complete, cold-storage logistics in the delivery.

Also of note, the company contributes a portion from all sales to Community Charities through Social Projects locally.  The owners care highly about helping the needy and poor residents in the area.