We are a well-established, international business:

  • Our Farm was founded in 1987. Since then we have grown to become one of Ecuador’s significant growers.


  • We sell over 9 million roses annually to United States, Russia, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan and Chili among others. You may now be selling our roses purchased from a wholesaler.


  • Currently the Company employs 140 people.


  • We have obtained the highest certifications available in Ecuador and Internationally for both environmental and business practices: “Flor del Ecuador” and “BASC”.


Flor del Ecuador

  • Ensuring compliance with the Ecuadorian legislation on social and environmental issues, promoting sustainable floriculture production.

  • Minimizing the environmental impact caused by the flower industry in Ecuador.
  • Controlling and reducing the use of pesticides and other inputs used in this activity.
  • Regulating work by adolescents and ensuring that no child labor is used.



 Facilitates and promotes world trade by establishing and administrating global supply chain security standards and procedures, in partnership with business, governments, customs, law enforcement agencies and international business organizations.