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FIRST-TIME BUYERS, we have a Promotion just for you. 10% off of Create Your Own Mix fresh cut roses. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see the quality, varieties, and freshness of our award-winning roses. Order soon so we can guarantee your selection of Create Your Own Mix roses. Coupon code: FirstTimeBuyer10%OFF



Have your roses delivered automatically through the Standing Order Program.

·The world’s freshest roses delivered directly to your store. The price of your roses will stay constant throughout the year and will not rise on holidays such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.

·You will receive priority status on roses that are low in inventory.

·Place an automatically renewing order to receive roses every one or two weeks for a minimum period of six months. Minimum order is 100 roses.

·You will be charged automatically as each order is shipped.

Please call customer service here in Ecuador on the toll free number: 786.352.8398 or use our web page at check-out to sign up for the Standing Order Program.

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