Trachelium Mix

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Mix of purple, white and lavander.


Product Details: Trachelium flowers are derived from the Greek meaning “rough throat,” regarding its healing properties. Furthermore, It is commonly used to add color and texture to bouquets, to decorate weddings and other events giving them a dynamic and exotic charm. This versatile and voluminous flower comes from the fertile soils and perfect climate of the South Andes of Ecuador which make these flowers have a longer vase life and brilliant colors.

Availability: All year around

 2 Purple, 2 White and 1 Lavander
4 Purple, 3 White and 3 Lavander  

Vase Life: 7 days

Flower Care recommendations:

  1. Open your boxes and remove any protective packaging. Remove any foliage that would fall below the waterline.
  2. Inspect your flowers and ensure your buckets are very clean.
  3. Fill the clean containers with 4 inches approximate of fresh and cold water. Add flower food if available.
  4. Cut stems diagonally under cool, running water. (cut about an inch off each stem)
  5. Check water levels in case it needs to be refilled. (12 hours to properly hydrate)
  6. Flowers should be stored in cool, dry area.

Special occasions:

  • For wedding arrangements
  • For Bridal bouquets
  • For special events
  • For home decorations

Symbolism: Neglected Beauty