The Story


The future of Fresher Rose Supply


Our farm, in operation for over 20 years, is located in the heart of Ecuador's Andean mountains. We took a leap of innovation in 2016, by tapping into a market that seeked fresh roses, in a fresher way: through farmer-to-florist direct delivery technology and an online ordering webshop. 



From our farm, to your door

We opened the doors of opportunity to a true farmer-to-florist alliance, by removing the middleman. The value our service brings to our modern-day flower market is a closer connection between farmers and consumers and a higher quality  rose, reflected in it's trademark Ecuadorian standard, with our farm's high-quality floral treatment and above all, the uncontested freshness implied in farm-to-door delivery. Suppliers, wholesalers and others cannot guarantee the freshness we deliver, due to warehouse waits, bulk volume that affect their care and roses that arrive to you almost 2 weeks after they've been cut.  

Our farm breeds 20 varieties of roses, with both trendy and classy colors for every style and need. We also create novelty roses such as preserved roses (lasting up to 5 years) and tinted varietes that bring opportunities of color and creativity to life.

The Ecuador Direct Roses brand believes in color, joy, nature and cultural identity; weaving these elements into their digital presence.


Order Day Estimate Delivery Day Transit Days
Monday Friday 4
Tuesday Tuesday 7
Wednesday Tuesday 6
Thursday Tuesday 5
Friday Wednesday 5
Saturday Thursday 5
Sunday Thursday 4


Nature's Secret for the Finest Roses 

Big blooms, perfect petals, long stems and bright colors - all ideal quality indicators that our priviledged location guarantees, through 2950 meters above sea level in equatorial level, and a mountainous climate with 12 hours of sunlight and natural water springs, all in a family farm-"hacienda" setting. Also, our roses' vase life is well over 2.5, and even 3 weeks!


Our pictures will speak louder than our words :)

We hope you’ll sense our company’s essence through these snapshots of beauty, ecuadorian tradition and floral exuberance...all that makes our farm feel like home, and for your roses to share love. 


Ecuador Rose Farm Pictures