How Ecuador Direct Roses Farm prepares for Valentine season?

A man gives his “significant other” a bouquet of red roses during dinner on Valentine’s day. Without even realizing it, this man has supported one of the biggest industries in Ecuador.

To be delivered in the hands of that “significant other,” these roses had to travel a long way and been handled by many workers until they arrive at a talented floral designer or florist who would create beautiful arrangements with Ecuadorian roses. Therefore, how does Ecuador Direct Roses farm prepare for Valentine's season?

"We expect to export about 2 million stems this Valentine's season," says Rosana Malo, Executive President of "Ecuador Direct Roses." The red rose "Freedom" is the best-selling at this time, followed by other varieties. Check out 5 best-sellers on V-day.

 It is well known that Ecuadorian Roses are the best in the world. As the only Rose Farm located in the southern part of the country, our roses are stronger, and with longer stems, due to mild weather and a different climate than all the other farms in northern Ecuador. In order, to satisfy the necessities of the U.S flower market, during Valentine’s. The farm starts preparing on November with a planned pruning.